Nirvana And Its Meanings

One of the major religions in the world is Buddhism. It is generally practice in Asia but because of globalization and migration by people it is quite possible to meet a Buddhist practitioner all over the world. Although many people know Buddhism as a religion they may not be all that familiar with its concept of Nirvana. Some may think it is a place somewhat similar to Christianity’s heaven but it is not. They may think so because they may have seen the word ‘Nirvana’ associated with funeral rites or homes like Nirvana Singapore which is a luxurious Columbarium. Nirvana is actually a state achieved after eliminating desire, jealousy and ignorance in your life. The word Nirvana literally means to extinguish. Achieving Nirvana means that the person will then be released from the cycle of rebirth. The inability of achieving Nirvana in this life will mean that the person will be reborn into the next. And the kind of life he or she will have will depend on the karma he or she has accumulated. 02C_5904

Nirvana’s Other Meanings

Nirvana is also associated with the state of being perfectly happy and peaceful. Most people would often use this word loosely this way. For example like when they have experience great happiness whether if it was because they ate something real good or did something fun they’ll describe it like achieving Nirvana. And sometimes it is also used to describe a place of complete peace and happiness too and not just a state of mind. People use it as well to loosely describe peaceful places. They especially use this if they visit relaxing peaceful place like retreat homes. With the association to peacefulness some establishments like spas sometimes use it on their business names to seal the fact that the customer can experience peace there.002_hqdefault

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