SecureShot Digital Frame 2

One Photo Frame, Many Displayed Pictures

A relatively new addition to the gadgets for capturing moments and turning them into memories is the Digital Photo Frame. It has been made by many companies like Ceiva, GiiNii, Polaroid, Philips and Kodak. This device showcases digital photographs in a slide show format without the need of a printer. Its appearance is similar to that of a classic Photo frame that can be hung on a wall or kept on a table or even used as a keychain. This electronic picture frame can store a number of pictures and also connect to the internet to obtain pictures and information either shared by someone or found on the internet.

SecureShot Digital Frame 2

This is an amazing innovation that changes the outlook of photo frames for the coming generations. Digital Photo Frames are a good option for the current generation that believes in capturing moments to ponder over later.

The dimensions of digital photo frames vary like that of the classic ones. Some can be a mere 2-3 inches and some that can be purchased are huge ones that are hung on a wall, that is, they are a few feet long. The slideshow can display many pictures and the transition can be decided according to what pleases the owner’s eyes.


The main thing to keep in mind while purchasing a digital photo frame is that one must never settle for a low resolution frame despite the attractive price because it will not serve its purpose in the first place. Another factor is one must consider the user. If it is somebody who is well versed with technology then a digital frame with additional classy features like viewing a video, internet connectivity, checking weather forecasts or emailing a picture to the frame is a good option. Users not so tech-savvy will prefer versions that simply display multiple pictures with transitions that is easier to master.

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