Outside Dog Kennels

That crazy view of your dog running and jumping towards you and loving you when you enter the house after all your hectic work schedule is the best part of the whole day. Pet lovers take care of every single thing about their dogs, right from the food to their bathing, sleeping, till their potty programs. Yes, its the care and affection towards their pet. There are special dog foods in the house with different flavours, medicines, their special bathing soap, toys for them and the most important is their kennel. Most people prefer outside dog kennels for large dogs. Its really wonderful and nice to see that humans really care about animal life.

Even though we keep them clean but their saliva, hair and faces of the dog can pollute the environment in the house due to lack of hygiene. The pet also does not like to be under constant supervision, it likes wandering in the outside environment around the house and play with his fellow furry friends. This calls for building or providing the pet with its small castle. Hence we provide outside dog kennels.

Placement of dog kennel according to Vastu.

Vastu is a scientific way of positioning different rooms of the house according to the purpose for which it will be used and positioning them according to the cardinal directions i.e north, south, east, west. This brings harmony and happiness in the place we live. As we use vastu shastra for our house, for the healthy life of our pet, we can rely on this science. The kennel should be located in the south, south east or north west corner of the house. It is believed that the dog lives a longer life if placed in these directions according to vastu.


Things to be noted while building or buying an outdoor kennel.

  • Dimension and location of the kennel: since we want an outdoor dog kennel, we have to keep in mind all the weather conditions while deciding the kennel location. It is better to keep a larger size kennel such that your pet is freely able to move, play and sleep inside the kennel. The size also depends on the size of the dog. It is better if the kennel is near the main door or the back door of the house so that we can keep an eye on it and the pet has easy access to the house.
  • Providing door or a gate: it is better to provide a gate which opens outwards as this will provide more space in the kennel.
  • Attach kennel properly to the ground: in order to avoid the kennel from shifting, it is advisable to provide potholes and fill it with concrete. This will give good stability to the kennel.
  • Flooring of the kennel: the flooring should have a proper slope ( not too much) so that the water is properly drained off under gravity. It is also advisable to provide a dry well outside the kennel at the lower end of the slope so that the drained water is collected and soaked in the soil. Hence for better absorption of water, gravels should be spread in the dry well.
  • Material to be used: it is mostly better to use wood for kennel. It should be coated with wood sealer and must be treated with anti termite.
  • Provide a sloping roof: in order to avoid the stagnation of water of collecting of water on the roof, it is necessary to provide sloping roof so that the water runs down and this will avoid the breeding of mosquitoes. In case you don’t want to provide a roof as you want to see your dog, jump and play then you need to place the kennel under the extended roof projection of your house so that the pet is protected even during rains.
  • Provide blanket and water in the kennel for the pet: in order to keep the kennel warm during winters it is good to provide a blanket for the dog. The floor of the kennel should be a few centimeters above the natural ground level so that the water does not flow inside the kennel making it wet and dirty.


Two options : buy or build a kennel.

Online shopping has made it more easy for us to choose the best you want among those thousands of designs having various dimensions, materials ,etc.

But if you want to assure the quality and satisfy  yourself that you give the best to your pet then you can opt for building a kennel for your dog, the way you want.

Depending on the size of the dog and the breed, you have various options regarding the type of kennel. You can even choose a simply fenced dog run if you want the kennel to be a playing place for the dog.

Finally all you want to see is the happiness your dog experiences all day while playing and staying in it’s own castle.

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