Personalized& Unique Gifts

Personalized gifts are gifts that are prepared keeping in mind a particular person.

They are also known as customizable gifts .
Personalized gifts speak more than just words . Nowadays gifting normal things like perfumes , chocolates, etc are not  considered very interesting. Whatever the occasion be, personalized gifts makes the person feel more special and what is better than seeing a person happy because of your own creativity and efforts .

Listed below are some of the most popular and cool things to gift :

  • Calendars – Artistic people can make calendars at home . Paste beautiful pictures and you can even make a timeline on the calendar of shared memories.
  • Photo Mugs
  • Customised key chains ( Names engraved)
  • Mobile covers – Pictures / slogans
  • Photo frames
  • A music CD with playlists featuring his /her favourite songs
  • Engraved wooden gifts
  • Customised T-shirts with his/her pictures / favourite dialogue/ actor, actress pictures
  • Sketches – Make a cute sketch
  • Fridge magnets
  • Pictures on stone
  • Name plates – This is the best way to keep a memory forever . These plates can be hanged or be kept as a showpiece


  • Cushions with pictures or quotes or favourite dialogues printed
  • Photo bracelet
  • Photo lockets
  • Clocks with name /pictures/ messages engraved /printed
  • Customised pens
  • Rotating photo cube
  • Scrap books
  • Personalized bottles with pictures or name printed
  • Photo lamp
  • Photo puzzle
  • Love box
  • Caricature magnet
  • Customised apron with picture
  • Name pendents
  • Shot glasses with pictures of your favourite memories or dialogues or slogans
  • Personalized photo cake
  • Personalized bed sheets
  • Customised name/ picture wind chime
  • Message jars
  • Photo tote bag
  • Personalized photo tie
  • Personalized card holder
  • Initials Personalized rings
  • Recordable greeting cards – This is one of the warmest thing to gift someone. Not only greeting cards but cassette and CDs . Record your messages ,songs , etc .

There are various reasons as to why Personalized gifts are preferred:

  • Personalized gifts are low-cost .
  • They have a personal touch .
  • They are different, exceptional.
  • Personalized gifts speak for you .
  • They are more than just a gift
  • Person feels more special .
  • They are more than its value.
  • You can gift Personalized stuff even without any particular occasion or you can say that Personalized gifts are available or suitable for every occasion.

Although there are shops available for Personalized gifts but in this world of getting everything at one click, there are various online sites available for ordering gifts and many sites even deliver them on your behalf.

Some of the sites are listed below :

  • Amazon India
  • Ferns N petals
  • PrintVenue
  • Giftease.com
  • RegaloCasila
  • eBay India
  • archivesonline.com
  • prestogifts.com
  • excitinglives.com
  • giveter.com
  • indiangiftsportal.com
  • printland.in
  • dezains.com
  • m.fnp.com
  • giftsbymeeta.com


  • photohaat.com
  • perfico.com
  • primogiftsondia.com
  • m.shopclues.com
  • confettish.com
  • giftsmate.net
  • picsquare.com
  • giftalove.com
  • redmoments.in
  • myntra.com
  • sendmygift.com
  • giftmugs.in
  • snapgalaxy.com

You can put in your efforts for your loved ones . There are  various YouTube channels where you can learn how to make Personalized gifts .
The list is here :

  • Dhwani Bhatt
  • KeepCalmAndBlushOn
  • Craft Bean Mila
  • CraftynotShitty
  • DIYlover
  • Printcious

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