Pinoy Tambayan: A Filipino Pastime Why It Is More Fun In The Philippines

Filipinos have a lot of ways to entertain themselves. They have a pretty much interesting culture that shows how dedicated they are—with their Bayanihan spirit, also known as the camaraderie in the neighborhood. Or sometimes how lazy they are—with their manaña habit or procrastination. In their work schedule, which required them to work for 8 hours a day/40 hours a week, they unwind or procrastinate when they can. Aside from the social media sites and online games and applications that save us from the boredom, Filipinos are also much into TV shows. Pinoy Tambayan is where they usually go for to watch replays of their favorites. Tambayan is a Filipino term for a place where people hangout and chill. Tambay comes from the word “istambay” which derives from the English word “stand by”. Basically, one of the Filipino pastimes is to chill while watching.


In the Philippines, there are approximately 10 teleseryes that run about the whole day, in different Pinoy channels. Teleseryes are Filipino telenovelas which air on weekdays only.The word tele comes from the word television and serye is a Filipino term for series. Filipinos are so much into it because 1) It showcases their culture and lifestyle 2) It shows what happens in real life 3) It is just relatable with enough humor and drama so to say 4) who doesn’t love a pastime? Most households have their television on especially at night when the family eats dinner and before they go to sleep, just showing how family-oriented they are. But sometimes, due to work schedule, some have to take extra time at work and that’s when they miss their favorite shows. While some students get stuck in school for projects and the like. That now calls for the Internet.

Pinoy Tambayan offers different sites where Filipinos can watch replays of their favorite TV shows or series and sometimes, other movies are available there too after months of its screening on theaters. In a queue for public transportation, especially during late night after office hours, you can see most of them so engross with their phones. But instead of checking the hype in social media, you’ll see them watching their favorite teleseryes. If you miss one day of its airing time, you will miss a lot of the story too so you got to catch up fast. It is nice to watch these people smile in front of their screens and hold back a laugh when the episode is hilarious.


Weekends are also the time when they browse different sites to see what they have missed on that week. It is all thanks to Pinoy Tambayan, they can now chill and get into the hype. What’s more interesting in Pinoy teleseryes is that they include hashtag in every episode so you will see how many people are talking about it on social media and it’s easier to track down the episodes with it.

It is obviously more fun in the Philippines with these TV shows especially when you see how these people talk about it. It is even more fun when they all scrunched together into one phone to see a certain episode they all missed on a previous night.

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