Pros And Cons Of Kik Messenger

KIK messenger is an absolutely free messaging app which is available in different platforms such as android, blackberry phones, windows and iPhone.  Kik messenger is developed and released by the Canadian company called kik interactive. Kik messenger was initially released in 19th October 2010. As per records of kik interactive in December 2010 the kik messages has nearly 20 million and it is mostly used by the teenagers. In United States of America nearly 40 percent of the youth is using this messenger.  It was shaped after the blackberry messenger. Kik messenger makes use of wiki or mobile phone data receive and transmit photos, messages, mobile web pages, videos, sketches and many other content after the completion of the registration process with user name. Kik is well known for keeping its users privacy features such as we can use these without providing our phone number and everthing the user without asking any details all you need is register with the user name.the KIK messenger Is user friendly and easy to monitor.

Features of the KIK messenger.


Good features:

  • The best feature of the kik messenger app is we can send messages, images, videos, pictures and many other contents for your family members, relatives, friends etc. absolutely at no cost.
  • Another good feature is you can invite friends, love ones and family members to chat with you and you can also even them from any part of the world with the internet access through your handset or Wi-Fi.
  • The KIK messenger has not ask your mobile number to register even though you can enter the number on optional way which makes it entirely different from other apps which are always asking for mobile numbers.
  • The other useful feature is group chat .you can send the same message to different people at the same time all you need to do is create a group and add your friends and closed ones to the group and share your feelings and funny things.
  • The other feature involved is receiving the notifications of when you send and receive messages.
  • Using KIK messenger you can also connect to the other social apps like Facebook, Viddy, social can, and Instagram can be easily shared videos and images in different platforms.
  • The other feature is you can set your KIK status like feeling happy, feeling bored, feeling left, feeling heartless, engaged, feeling relax, going to married etc.
  • The other feature you can also see whether your friends is in online or not and also his last visit to the KIK If your friend is on online it display online and if he is not active last seen is displayed.

Bad features:

Not only good feature bad features is also there with the KIK messenger. Parents always afraid with some of the bad features associated with the KIK messenger on their smart phones and android. They are


  • Many of us have problem with unknown persons. Yes! They do message by seeing your names, professions, so that they can trap you and do some illegal activities. There are options to control their messages, but cheaters find many item and it is better to keep away the unknown people. When you have a message from the unknown people be smart to find the person whether he is known to you or not otherwise just block him.
  • With KIK messenger there is no option to tell your friends you are ignore them you have to block the member you don’t want to talk.
  • The other bad feature is the unsecured of your account. If you an Instagram account and you have followed by thousand by whom you are not familiar with, they have a change to know your KIK messenger account user name and send unnecessary requests just to trap you and make many unlawful activities, which means you can receive the messages from both known and unknown people. This is the major concern for the parents about their parents.
  • Once delete your chats you may never have change to review them because their chat records and these messages are also easily deleted. KIK messenger can be used in any even children smartphones, tablets, I phone or I pad touch screens easily for what their parents are unknown.
  • In this world the worst feeling is being ignored by whom you loved or lived. Ignoring always results us a greater pain. In KIK messenger app you can tell easily to others that you to ignore them directly with a single message.
  • Another worst thing is to maintain the account in this page you need to be 13 or above 13 years. During registration it ask for first and last numbers and email id but there is no proper verification so many people provide the wrong info for their ages and usernames etc.


KIK messenger is always stand in the debate due to record of repeated cases of abusing the children in this app by strangers. This is a created an argument that the app is not safe especially for the minor and the young people because of the insecurity of the app. Because stranger may trap the minors and use them in many illegal activities.TheNew York Times recently reported for the law enforcement on the features of the KIK messenger app anonymity in February 2016 and it claims that the registration process of the app must be changed and the company may not provide account based on the first and last name date of birth details and email address. Because there are lot of people proving fake details and try to connect with the unknown people and the guide also that the KIK messenger company cannot have  rights history or content such as messages, photos, videos, files, web pages etc. and also the videos and photos are automatically deleted with in the short time.

KIK messenger stands in the controversy over the year the main controversy is about the child

Exploitation which makes the media to express their concerns about the app.

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