Record players: The Nostalgia

A phonograph is a device which is used for recording and production of sound. It is also known as a gramophone and electrically operated phonographs are known as record players. The invention of phonographs dates back in 1887. This credit of this great invention goes to the great scientist Thomas Edison. However, at that time, several machines had been invented that could record sound but Edison’s machine was the first one that could record as well as reproduce the recorded sound. Edison’s record player recorded the sound on a tinfoil which had been wrapped around a cylindrical rotating apparatus. t2ec16hhjgke9no8jdj1bry0noy7j_35

Reasons to own a record player:

  • The first and the foremost reason: you would be able to listen to records! That soft soothing and occasional crisp sound. Record players have been around now for almost several decades but the quality of sound and the satisfaction they provide cannot be fulfilled by any kind of modern music players.
  • The record player can allow you to have a really great quality time with your close ones or yourself alone. It can take you away to whole another world with soothing music and can completely let you forget your worries and tension but just be submerged into the sea of music.
  • It will also bring you back that nostalgia of the golden era and let enjoy that excellent sound quality. It will also let you connect with the old days.
  • It won’t confuse you with the number of functions and options. It exhibits only one sole reason and fulfills it to the peak. You will just have to sit back on your chair, close your eyes and enjoy the music.t2ec16vhjhqffhcpppbbry0l2in1w_35

If you too are a true music lover nothing else can attract you rather that a vinyl. However, if you are also getting yourself into buying yourself a record player to enjoy that wave of music, let us help you a bit. Below mentioned are some points that you might want to consider while looking for a record player.

Points to consider while buying a record player:

  • If you are looking for a record player back from 50’s or so, you might need to consider its condition. A scratch here and there a bit of dust is fine but you should look for all the working mechanism thoroughly and make sure that any part is not missing If so, it is available in the market at an affordable price or not.
  • The grease and oil in the record player also might have got stuck and might need to be removed and clean.
  • Also make sure that the platter moves at the right speed. If not, there could be a number of reasons behind that. Make sure that the motor is not damaged to an extent where it cannot be fixed easily.
  • Make sure that the speakers and amplifier are in proper working condition. Also, make sure that both the speakers are working properly simultaneously.

There could be several other such small or big problems that must be looked into properly if you are looking for an aged record player.

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