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What’s social media branding?

Social media branding is simply spreading awareness about your business through the means of social media. There are nearly 2.1 billion active internet users, so it’s understandable that having a social media presence is crucial in building a brand. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. If you think just creating a Facebook page will do the job, then you’re nothing but mistaken. You need to regularly update content on your social media and stay consistent with your routine. The style, language, color, graphics, and everything else must represent your brand’s philosophy. A. Fridman is a renowned entrepreneur and has written many articles on the subject. He loves the start-up scene and the excitement it brings. He founded AdvisorTV, a community that provides mentorship and advice which is based in Chicago. He also found Mabbly, which is a Digital Marketing Agency.01_original1392806271 Brand-building through social media has enormous potential if done correctly it could turn out to be hugely profitable and establish the brand. Nowadays many companies are shifting to social media platforms to reach out. Through a rigorous and a consistent approach, one can generate sufficient amount of interest in the brand through social media. Here’s how you can expand your business.002_social-media

Promoting your brand on social media would draw new users and existing customers to check out new sales, deals etc. Consistently promoting will create a buzz around the brand and more people will start to know about it. Everybody’s there on at least one platform, so reach out and provide deals that are too good to refuse. This will go a long way in increasing your customer base. A good promotion attracts return customers, so it’s beneficial to everybody.

  1. Customer Service.

Many companies have started using social media platforms as a means of handling customer service. This is a very novel method in which the customers have easy access to the company and reach them quickly. The companies too can resolve customer issues more efficiently. For example, if a customer is unhappy with a product bought from an online store, they can simply post their concern on their social media page and their complaint will soon be resolved. Twitter has become a very popular medium for handling complaints because of its simplicity.

  1. Reaching the right audience.

It’s just about impossible to reach everyone. Many companies look at social media as a means to reach everyone, which creates problems. Companies must try to reach out to the right audience instead. The advent of social media networks has made it easier for companies to reach out to a specific demographic and manage this group of people. Identifying a unique audience to work with can work wonders for the company and also ensures brand loyalty.

  1. Business-to-Business is easier.

Social media outreach also extends to other businesses. It becomes extremely easy to collaborate; organize sales, and build healthy relationships over social media. This allows you to expand your business and helps you explore new avenues. As a start-up, social media marketing must be the weapon of choice to establish a common ground for you and the big players.

  1. Have your own unique voice.

Make an effort in your social media campaigns and spice it up with things that engage with you customers. A mere presence on a social media platform serves nothing. Have your own voice and style; translate that through your brand. Social media offers the opportunity to converse with your customers in real time; this would establish a much-needed relationship of trust.

  1. Fridman is the authority on social media branding and has written articles on the subject extensively. This article cites references from his work.

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