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We all crave that beautiful curvy body of the swimsuit model we just saw on the covers of the fashion magazine, right? It’s absolutely normal. After all, it is basic human nature to crave things we don’t have or the ones we think we can’t have. You need to remember that the model was not gifted with that body. True, some people are curvy in nature and some are not, but that does not mean that you can’t be healthy, fit and bikini-confident like any other model. You absolutely can. That is what Kayla Itsines brings forth in her website, and the iOS app they have launched.Kayla_Itsines_Workoutfriend

If you follow a healthy diet, by giving up the consumption of fatty, junk foods and exercise regularly, no one can stop you. However, there are several exercises. It is not possible for us common people to figure which posture will be helpful for us and which exercise to follow under the given circumstances. Some exercises may not work for us, and instead of making us healthy it may have detrimental effects on some parts of our body. To state it simply, just following the internet is not enough if we want to carve out a proper diet chart and fitness routine for ourselves. Kayla Itsines has made this extremely easy for us. How? Let’s find out.KaylaItsineHarpersBAZAAR

Kayla Itsines is a young Australian fitness trainer who has revolutionised the way in which you can get fit and attain a bikini body. The most popular program that she has is a 12-week one which will make sure your metabolism works well no matter what your body shape is. Packages start at $69.97 AUD. She has penned a number of e-books and fitness guides which you can purchase from her website or app and go through to attain a more thorough concept of the entire fitness regime and the science behind it. There are nutrition guides and workouts guide to attain bikini body. The most popular guide is $19 bikini bundle which provides you with the full workout guide for 12 weeks, and serves as a complete help guide. The nutrition guide will chart out a diet plan for 14 days. You will be taught as to what you should eat, and which foods burn fat. The idea is to eat tasty food which are healthy and which will fasten your metabolism. The workout guide will teach you several cardio methods. This 189 page long guide will target those area of your body you are having problem with, and the most amazing thing about this is that all the exercises are just under 30 minutes. You will be able to see the result within a week. What more can anyone want?

She has also come up with the Sweat with Kayla App which was launched in the iOS. The fitness programs have been already taken up by almost 10 million women from around the world, and if you go through the forums and community you can easily get to see what views they have of the fitness program and how it has worked out for them. Sure, there are some negative reviews but mostly the reviews have been positive. They are all real people just like you, and they also real bodies just like you. Once you visit the forum, you will get to see the kind of transformation they have gone through and the figure they have achieved with the help of Kayla.

The most important step towards becoming a fitter and healthier person is to change your lifestyle. Junk foods, less sleeps and a sedentary lifestyle without any exercise are harmful for your body. A minimum amount of sleep is necessary for any human being to function well, and the same applies to our internal organs as well. They need not only rest, but also the proper amount of nutrients and workout to function properly. This is where a proper diet and workout routine comes in handy.

Apart from the 12-week course, there are also other packages which you can avail as part of your training program with Kayla. If you want to try out on a weekly basis, it will cost you $4.61 AUD/week. The Sweat with Kayla App will provide you with all the details right on your smart-phone, and you can access the tips and tricks from anywhere. All our workouts and diet routines will be available on the app. All you need to do is follow those, and you will see the results for yourself. You can also engage with the fitness community. This comprises of several other women from across the world that have also undergone this fitness routine. They can also guide you as to what you can do, and if you encounter any problems they have already had, then that will be an added bonus. So, find new friends, embark on this amazing journey and get that bikini body for yourself, starting today!

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