Suicide Squad

The comic world has always been a thing of fascination for us. The imagination and hard work put behind the comics is both marvelous and fascinating. With the growth of technology, we are blessed with high definition movies having VFX effects that make us wonder in awe. But in earlier times there wasn’t much movie effects to depend on. People passed their time reading comic books, and they got lost in the world of comic characters. Comic books have a world of their own. They pull you into that world. Comic makers like marvel and DC comics bring the comic characters alive. The story telling is done so brilliantly that you could almost feel the anguish and pain of the characters in the comic books. The characters of each protagonist, villain or supporting person is woven so delicately and is tailor made to fit the story line.suicide-squad-group-poster

Comic books can be even more interesting that novels many times as they visually express the story line which makes you feel more connected to the characters. The powers, costumes and expressions of the characters can be seen and felt through comic books. Comic books are famous and most sought after their graphics and visuals. Not just kids, but comic books and their characters have always attracted adults as well. Characters like the Joker, batman, catwoman, superman, hulk, iron man and many more have been the gift that came out of comic books. One can only think in awe about the imagination that has been put behind every character and their back stories. Marvel and dc comics have always been rival, and both have gifted us with extremely interesting and super cool comic characters. Comic books make us want to be like our favorite super hero.

There have been movie adaptations of comic books from time to time. The first and the earliest being the superman adaptation. This was made in 1948 as it marked as the first ever adaptation of comic book into a movie. With the foundation made by this movie, many other comic book adaptations came in the form of movie like batman and robin, he-man and flash. The superhero genre became a whole another movie genre in the film industry. What could be better than seeing your favorite comic book characters in the form of movie?suicide-squad-official-trailer-1-reaction-let-s-talk-about-it-798873

One such comic book adaptation for which the world is waiting desperately is the suicide squad. Even though you can watch suicide squad full movie online, still people are waiting to see their favorite characters on the big screen. Suicide squad brings together a number of DC comic characters under one roof in the form of movie. The storyline revolves an intelligence officer who assembles a team of DC comic villains for a covert mission. The movie is much awaited by the hard core comic book fans as they will get to see their favorite villains come alive on screen, and that too together. The most interesting part about the movie is that is doesn’t show the typical hero versus villain concept. Instead the suicide squad contains some of the deadliest villains DC comic has ever created and are brought together to work as a team. The villains include the legendary Joker, played by Jared Leto. The joker has always been the most loved villain of the DC comic series. The squad also contains Joker’s counter part Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie. Harley Quinn is one of the deadliest female villains of the comic series, who is Joker’s lover, highly intelligent and highly volatile. Along with them the squad also contains villains like deadshot, enchantress and killer croc.

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