Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

As a small business owner, employees might be imperative to your success. So here we will talk about how team building is important for a business firm and it doesn’t matter whether it is a large firm or a small firm.

  1. Team building activities develop the spirit of unity and trust among the employees. Trust is a crucial thing when it comes to business, especially when you need teamwork on a daily basis to achieve your goals and fulfil your targets. Mutual trust in team building can help your employee s to rely on other employees and the conclusion will be that the results will be productive and very efficient.
  1. Team building activities also helps the employees to build stronger bond among them. Stronger the bond will be it will help to build collaboration among the employees during business activities. During team building activities ask your employees to not blame each other for any solution and neither to discourage anyone.
  1. A business organisation has people from different backgrounds with varied personality this can also lead to conflicts among them and here team building activities can play an important role in easing the conflicts and disputes among the employees. It allows the employees to bond up with each other so that they can customize each other as per each other. Team building activities allows the co-workers to know each other on a personal level.
  1. Through team building activities one also improves his/her communication skills as in these exercises they face many activities where group discussion is required. During team building activities workers must be encourage to verbalize their problems with their co-workers. It helps them to build confidence and also improves their communication skills.

Here we have some really helpful team building activities;

  • Have each member from the group introduce themselves with one truth and one lie ad when he/she is done with the introduction let the members ask him/her questions regarding the truth and lie shared by the member. Here the idea is that you have to share the lie in such a manner that the other person believes it to be truth. Later conduct a voting that how many of them were right in choosing that whether it was a lie or a truth. This activity encourages group discussion and communication too.
  • Make groups of 2-5 members each. Then distribute a pack of poker and scissors to them and then instruct them to build the tallest poker tower using only the pokers and the cards with the help of their respective group members. This will help them in bonding and it will stimulate their creativity too.

  • Team building activities can also be funny and energizing for your team ‘human knot’ it works on team building, communication, human skills and problem solving. Ask the team members to stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Each group must have 8-20 members. Ask each of them to put their right hand in the air and grab the hand of the other one standing across the circle. Everyone must hold the hands of two different people at time and not the hand of the person standing next to him/her. The idea of the game is entangle everyone without letting go of their hand. If the chain is broken then the participants will have to start all over again.

Activities for team building are not necessary to be boring and to be serious type. They can be fun, energising, and exciting to start with a new team to help them build up their bond and to develop their skills.

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