The Beautiful Game- Soccer

“ THE BEAUTIFUL GAME “,  the title given to the world’s most popular game, seems to be justified after seeing the popularity of not the just the game but also its players. Neymar, Ronaldo, Lionel Messi , Kaka, Pele,  Baichung Bhutia,  Wayne  Rooney, Mueller, Suarez, David Bekham, Luis Figo  have all become style icons and the ideals of the youth. With the ongoing UEFA EURO CUP & COPA AMERICA CUP, the football fever is high.

Football is the common name given to the complete sport . It comprises of Association Football, Rugby, Australian Football and many others as its parts. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL I what is officially called as “SOCCER” . Both football and soccer are similar in many ways . However,  different in one major way. In football, goals are allowed to be scored via foot, head and chest. But in soccer , use of head is not allowed. Never –the –less , usage of hands and arms are prohibited in both football and soccer.




Rightly said by Mr. Lombardi, sports are not just about winning , rather they teach us about the necessity to fail as well. Tackling the pressure of your fan’s expectation is not at all easy to handle. This is what soccer is all about. The most popular game and the sport played by most countries in the world deserves its due respect and fan following.

France, Argentina, India, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, England, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Bolivia, Panama, United States of America ( U. S . A ) , Ecuador, Peru, Albania, Wales, Germany, Iceland, Northern Ireland,  Korea, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Croatia, Turkey, Sweden , Czech Republic , Uruguay are some of the numerous countries that play soccer to their best.

Soccer traces back its history to more than two thousand years ago to countries like China, Greece, Rome and some parts of Central America. Initially, the sport saw very few or negligible rules. As the game developed , more and new rules were formed and implemented. Soccer has a glorious past, which has resulted into its transformation as the MOST PLAYED SPORT in the world.

It provides full recreational value and instills the competitive spirit too within us. Like many other  outdoor games, it teaches team spirit and physical strength , thereby maintaining our health. But it provides many additional benefits as well. It makes us capable of taking spontaneous decisions ; thinking and acting appropriately while running and in pressure situations.

FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION  (  F I F A  )  is the authorized body which takes care of all the rules and regulations in account. It  maintains the decorum of the sport and the faith of people in this sport.  FIFA WORLD CUP’18 will be held in Russia . It takes place every four years. Brazil has won the tournament 5 times and has been a part of the tournament every year.


Soccer is not just a game, but an inspiring factor as well. It has evolved as a successful business also, in which includes prediksi bola like approximations being done about the scores . In one of the world cups, OCTOPUS PAUL used to predict the results of football matches.  Not only this, it has also given rise to legendary style icons which have inspired  and will continue to inspire Generation X & Y. Various  football clubs have gained popularity all across the world. Some of the most recognized are – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchestor United, Aletico. It has the highest fan following as compared to any other sport. Christiano Ronaldo is the highest paid sportsperson in the world among all the other sports persons.

All in all, SOCCER is not just a word or just a sport, it’s LIFE. Rather it’s more than life for many people all around the world. So, just grab a football and just start playing because the world is full of losers as well as winners. Choose what you want to be and start chasing your dreams.

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