The Forest Woods Condo, Singapore is the new name of living

The place named Singapore in the South East Asia is growing daily. Alongside the development, the population of the place is increasing too. Now every sixth person of the group works there or every company small or big try to spread their first international branch there. This place thus will require more residential places each day.

The residential areas are known as Condominium or Condo. These are projects which has buildings with all modern facilities and attached parks. The tenures are brought by one particular company and sometimes with a group of few people.  Here the person who owns tenure doesn’t only own a single apartment but also the nearby lawns and hallways. Sometimes when a company owns the tenure of a certain percentage of the places, then the living areas could be distributed amongst people who shall be allowed to live and the common areas can be used by all. The only way to won a place there is by having tenure usually which stays for 99 years. The usual apartment complexes are not much different from the Condominium just in the legal ways as one cannot just buy a place in the Condo with money. Condos are a helpful and better even if it is partly owned by a company. USA and western states had upcoming Condos since a long time and now it has spread to East as you may notice its growth in Singapore. The condo when built certain things are kept in mind that usually it is built at a place which is already populated and mostly within the city or very well connected to the city.tumblr_m2135fq53o1rrhsiyo1_500

What are the facilities of the Forest Woods Condo in Singapore?

The park connecter is just the beginning of the lavish life one can talk about when one lives there. The Forest Woods Condo is praised for its facilities and well maintenance. In Lorong Leu Lian, this condo is a new way or residing in Singapore.The nearby facilities are the shopping malls and restaurants and other places of eating. There are swimming areas in and near the complexes. The schools and colleges that are nearby are well known. Such schools and Colleges are Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Primary and Secondary School, Maris Stella High School and Nanyang Junior College. There are cinema halls and grocery stores so that people can have entertainment and suffice their daily needs respectively. The Central Expressway connects this place to the rest of the city and you can just drive for 15 minutes and reach any important place within the main city area. The usual amenities you shall find there are the Gym, the pool, the clubhouse and fine security for all hours of the day.


What does the Forest Woods Condo give us?

This project has the tenure for 99 years leasehold. The area that the Forest Wood Condo covers overall including the towers and the other common amenities and facilities is 14000 square kilometres on an average. The location of the Forest Woods Condo is another reason for people wanting to have a place there. The condo is located near the Serangoon MRT station and the bus interchange. The other busy MRT stations are Tai Seng MRT station, Lorong Chuan MRT station and Bartley and Woodleigh MRT stations. The other connected expressways are Paya Lebar Expressway and Pan Island Expressway and these ways also connect the Condo to the other places in Singapore. The towers in this condo has at least 12 to 13 floors and a sum total of 500 plus living apartments.

What do the people have to about the Condo?

The condo is the best place for anyone who works in that area. With the provision of a leasehold for 99 years and good facilities like the gym, the club, and proper security for 24 hours, anyone would avail the option of living there. The place is good for adults and their children too. The interiors and the exteriors are well furnished and arranged and have been rated five out of five stars by the residents of the Condo. The Forest Woods Condo is provided you a luxury stay overall.

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