The Italian Serie A

Soccer is back and we can expect a lot from the Italian Serie A this season and this could finally be the season when the Milan clubs re enter the Champions League draws after a long hiatus due to many reasons.  There have also been a lot of major changes that could affect the flow of the season and it could definitely be very different from the previous one. The Italian league is called one of the most tactically able leagues in the world and the strategic planning will definitely be on show this season. 817-87


Juventus have dominated have dominated the Serie A and have won back to back 4 titles in a row. Even though their star player, Pogba left for his old club Manchester United this summer for an old record fee, they still look formidable after the signings of Higuain and Pjanic from their immediate league rivals. They have got a brilliant coach who definitely has the brain to power them to another domestic glory but the question is the Champions League where they have been unable to leave their mark in recent years.  How will they fare in Europe?500x250-soccer


After so many struggles, they have finally succeeded in getting rid of their charismatic owner, Berlusconi after so many years and their Chinese takeover has been successful. They have been suffering to find form along with their city rivals but may be successful finally after an impressive pre season. They may not aim for glory directly but their immediate aim will be to qualify for the Champions League and get back amongst the elite.


They have recently appointed Frank de Boer as their manager and he is as ruthless as it gets. He has said it that he won’t hide behind excuses and that he doesn’t fear the mighty Juventus. Inter Milan definitely have a better squad on paper compared to their city rivals and will have higher hopes. They will be hoping to keep their captain Mauro Icardi as he will definitely be important in the race this season.  Hopefully we will see them fighting for the top spot this season.


These two have filled the void created by Inter Milan and AC Milan during the last few seasons and have given Juventus some healthy competition for the top spot.

Napoli will look to ride on their loyal and ever so impressing captain, Hamsik and also fill the void left by Higuain after he transferred to their local rivals. They will be aiming to reach the round of 16 in the Champions League and also challenge for league title. They will be hoping that they can keep their star defender Koulibaly at the club amidst interests from Chelsea.

Roma have definitely been around the corner from a long time and they will be hopeful of raisin their bar this time with the help of Salah, De Rossi and their solid defense.

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