The Most Secure Way Of Losing 20 Lbs In A Month

Frustrated being put on weight so and finding it difficult to reduce it? It is obvious that nobody would be ready to put on so much weight and struggle a lot to lose their weight and finally tend to give up the exercising and balanced diet plan. Here are certain tips on your daily routine for your question about how to Lose 20 Lbs in 30 days.

1) Look which exercises are required for you and workout same time on daily basis

It is definitely not necessary to stick to yoga and meditation always. Besides yoga and deep meditations, you need to work out with other physical exercises. For example: if you have a fat belly, make sure you work out on stomach exercise every day, similar for thighs and chest. For instance, belly exercise could be Jump squats, and abdomen workouts. For thighs, jogging, running, among others are recommended. And for chest, push-ups are recommended. If you stick to a particular time in morning for exercising – say between 6 to 7 am, follow the same routine every day.


There are several official YouTube channels that assists you in reducing weight through their coaching via videos, you can always refer them. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor or other relevant instructors if it is safe to go about it.

2) Drink plenty of water

Make sure you drink minimum 5 litres of water every day. Drink plenty of water before having meals. This will help you reduce your hunger, and further reduce your meal in-take. It is recommended to drink plenty of water as soon as you get up in the morning. In case you prefer morning exercise, drink water after completing your exercise, but make sure that there is a minimal break, say an hour or so to drink water after exercise.


3) Eliminate caffeine, nicotine and alcohol products completely

Avoid caffeine products like coffee completely. Eliminate it from your mind completely. Caffeine products make you feel tires and restless sleep. To make sure your body gets required rest after dieting and work outs, it is necessary to get decent time to sleep. Nicotine and alcohol reduces your stamina and thus, making you lazier and you gain your weight again.

Green tea is recommended but not more than 2 cups a day. Say once in morning and once in evening.


4) Your food intake

The most important of all, it is necessary to keep a watch on food intake. Eliminate all the junk food completely. Say no to spicy foods. It is important for one to be calorie conscious as it plays a major role in reducing your weight. Eat limited. Once you fell that you aren’t hungry, stop eating further. There are three important things to keep in mind:

  • Do not skip breakfast, consume breakfast
  • As said before, drink plenty of water at least 15-20 minutes before your lunch.
  • Eat dinner by 7-8 pm avoid later dinner as it may affect your sleep. Eat less quantity of food during dinner. The reason behind dinner by 7-8 pm is that one get decent amount of time to digest their food before going to sleep.

P.S: If you cannot follow above instructions and tips, do imagine of losing weight. If you find it difficult, consult your dietician who can suggest you accordingly.

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