Top 3 Undercounter Ice Maker

Undercounter Ice maker as the name suggests is an appliance used to make ice in large quantities. Mostly undercounter ice maker is suggested for those people who needs ice in large quantity and as quickly as possible. You will find these machines are best suitable for restaurants and companies, as these machines can make and store high quality ice for whatever your need be. Plus if you’re a restaurant owner , it is very convenient to keep a undercounter ice maker which will readily give you high quality ice cubes for your customers. We’re going to list the top 3 durable undercounter ice makers which are currently available in the market.

Scotsman Brilliance


Scotsman Brilliance is one of the costly Undercounter Ice Makers, but the the machine is top quality and a state of the art. Customers who has purchased this machine have reviewed it as very much worth the investment. Scotsman Brilliance is known for making high quality ice and at very high speed, it can store up to 26lbs of ice.

Orien FS-55IM

Orien ice machines can produce up to forty-four pounds of ice daily, and gives a serious competition to it’s contenders. It has most of the features you will expect in an ice maker and is very environmental friendly also. But the best part about this ice maker is it’s price. You won’t get a better Undercounter Ice Maker for this price, anywhere in the market

Manitowoc NEO


Manitowoc NEO is the ice machine you are looking for if you want your ice machine to have a sleek, classy and a modern design. If you want to show off your ice maker, then this one is for you. But this ice maker is not known just for it’s looks, it is a very quiet, fast and durable device producing up to 9lbs of ice daily.

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