These days music is huge sensation among the youth and finest way of relaxation for adults and the aged  people. And turntable if  as important to music world as an mp3 player, in short a turntable can be described as a musical device which DJ’s need to play records.

This thing called “turntable” is really quite an awesome musical device to have on your side. There are just a few moving parts associated with the turntable which consists of platter, tone arm, along with the motor driving the platter. Well, certainly there are several other parts of the turntable, however, these are the very primary and important hence we would be discussing on these for now.

So anyway…here are the constituents of a turntable :

The platter :

it is the part on which the record sits , and in which the needle touches the record plate and then musical sound is produced. It is the thing that really spins around when we turn on the power. A slip mat like thing made of rubber is positioned on the top of our platter.

The tone arm :


it is the part that holds the cartridge with the stylus (or the needle) which allows only 2 different varieties of needle. The first type of stylus is a “Half-Inch Mount”, which if you see, would look like there are exposed wires and it is screwed with the remaining part of the tone arm. The second variety of stylus is “P-Mount”, which consists of four connectors that can be adjusted and plugged into the opening part located at the ending point of the tone arm.

For buying a turntable you may need to take care of following :

1.) Identifying the perfect budget group :

Turntables comes in wide range and variety of prices and quality as mentioned on Pick My Turntable, so identifying an upper limit  for the budget may help you to boil down your research. Trustworthy turntables belonging to vintage era can be acquired quite easily, and can generally be discovered in events related to online auctions or through some special stores which keeps the related items. Latest turntables are quite a lot expensive as they are developed to perform for the audiophilic audience.

2.) Choosing from the direct drive turntable or belt turntable :

A platter of a turntable is that part on which playing record rests, and is rotated with the help of a motor. This motor can be mounted directly below the platter (known as “direct drive” ) or tied with a side (known as “belt drive” ).

  • Turntables which are “Belt drive” are more often preferred by the audiophilic and music loving community.
  • Turntables with “Direct drive” technology are often preferred by DJ’s or so called disc jockeys. Direct drive technology in turntables enables us to rotate platter backwards by using our hand and without even damaging the turntable below, which gives out some unique and catchy audio effects. Turntables having Direct drive technology are also very consistent as far as their rotational speed is concerned.

3.) choosing either manual or an automatic turntable :

Turntables are divided into two categories as per their operating modes namely either “manual” or “automatic” depending upon the process used for setting the tone-arm on the record plate.


  • Generally, manual turntables need the person playing to haul up the tonearm and place it on the spinning record plate using your hands. The above process is aided occasionally by a function which lifts and lowers the tonearm gradually.
  • Turntables having automatic tone-arms shall play the records just at the push of one button. The tonearm (after pressing the button) rises from its state of rest and moves along the side, then returns to its rest after setting the record for playing and all this happens automatically. It is the type of turntable which is totally appropriate for the novice users.

4.) Figure out if you need an in-built “phono preamp” or not :

As the signal which is produced by the stylus is very shrill and quiet, turntables may need something called a phono preamp for getting the volume high enough to manipulate it.

5.) Evaluation of the cartridge associated with the turntable :

some of you might be wondering what it is actually? Well, cartridge is the component which connects with the tonearm and keep hold of the stylus (another component). If you plan on buying a vintage or second hand or a used turntable, it is often advised that you should buy a brand new cartridge and install it for best performance. If a cartridge is worn out it can tamper the quality of sound and hence causing premature wear and tear to your record plates and reduce their life.

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