Understanding All The Significant Features Of The App Which Allows The Opportunity To Play The Videos In Background!!

In order to overcome the problem of playing videos in the background, there is a special app which provides the user to watch television through the medium of internet. It is basically a playlist managing service for the videos available on YouTube which allows a much more feasible use than YouTube.

Features of iTube that make it different from other apps!

There are several unique features of the iTube application that make it stand out from others. Some of them include:


  • It has a special feature which allows the user to shuffle the songs according to his (her) choice.
  • The app has a fixed background playing feature that makes it easier for user to multitask, without any difficulty.
  • The basic working of iTube application involves the caching of videos which facilitates the user to listen to songs in airplane mode.
  • The lock screen of your phone allows skipping, forward or backward the video that is being played in the background.
  • It has a special feature of accessing the lyrics of the songs that is being played on the application. You can also mark your favorite videos so that you don’t have performed the search operation all over again. When you mark it as your favorite, the song automatically gets saved on the playlist, which enables user to listen to it later time.
  • The search feature of the app resembles a lot like other similar applications which makes it easy for user.


  • You can also log into your YouTube account and have access to the favorites, history and previously searched videos.
  • You can also check the top 100 collection of popular songs under a given genre, that will keep you updated with the latest released songs.

The only thing that is necessary in order to use this application of YouTube is that the system should have a Macintosh operating system with a proper internet connection. This app can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, and iPod by paying the fees of $0.99. It has a unique feature of playing the videos in background which is not offered in other apps of such kind, hence enabling the user to multitask without closing the background iTube application. So if you want to enjoy the experience of internet television on your device, just go and download the iTube application.

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