Versatile Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are a unique textile belonging to Turkey for its versatile use and soft fabric. These towels are given different names viz. Terry towels, hammam  towel or a fringet towel. They are most  commonly called as pestemal, which is a traditionally given name to a woven towel that was used to be draped around the body in a Turkish hammam or bathhouse.  Hammams were related to an old custom of gifting a hammam or a bathhouse by a couple, to each other after they decided to get married.


The present of hammams included towels consisting of towels to cover specific body parts like hips, head or shoulder. Different names are given to similar towels in different parts of the world. For example in Africa it is called shukas towel, in Asia it is called sarong , kikoy in East Africa and fouta in Mediterranean area.

Premium, upland-type cotton sown in eastern Black Sea area and Aegean regions is used in making Turkish towels. The cotton is then dried before being woven into towels. The weaving is done by adroit labourers who are said to have crowned  the intricate Turkish towels. The exquisite weaving process is the bequeathal  of carpet weaving skills of the subjects of Ottoman Empire in 17 century. Turkish cotton’s long fibres and less joins are responsible for its durability and softness.


They are light, quick to dry, compact and foldable and therefore they are preferred over other towels during travelling. They are a perfect balance between softness and high absorbency.  They are available in all sizes and have a versatile use in contemporary lifestyle like bed runners, table cloth, dish towel, furniture cover , baby blankets, beach towels, shoulder wrap, scarf etc. They are also used as blankets because nothing can beat their softness and cosiness. They can also make tiny, soft pillows when folded.

The towel manufacturing areas in Turkey are spread over Usak, Denizli, Istanbul, Busra, Izmir, Kayseri. Turkish towels of Denizli are world famous for their motifs of designs, embroidery and jacquard technologies. About 90% towels and bathrobes of Denizli are exported all over the world. For their quality fabric they are also used by many five star hotels as a mark of their world class services for customers. The towel’s best features also includes pile thickness, density and the more the towels are washed they become softer with every wash.

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