Web Design: Some tips

We have all heard that first impression is usually the lasting impression. And the same is true with the websites. A website is generally the first tool that gives an introduction to the nature of the company, its services or its product line. Thus, it plays a very important role in the success of a business and makes it popular and attractive to its clients. Other than making it creative, attractive and informative, the most basic objective of designing a website is to make clear to its users, the basic aim of the business. designer1

Things to keep in mind before you design a website:

If you are new to web designing and plan to design one for the company or get it designed from a professional web designer, remember to keep these things in mind-

  1. Decide the purpose- It is very important to decide the main aim or purpose that you want to convey to the users of the website. Is it about the services that your company is rendering, your line of products or just for brand building of your company.
  2. Keep it Informative- It is very important for a website to be informative and that is only possible if you have the clarity about what to you want to convey to the users of the website. A user will access the website to get more information. So there is no point of making an extremely attractive website which lacks in information.
  3. Use of graphics and design- Use of photos, images and graphics in a website makes it interesting for the user and this might persuade him to explore deeper about the company or organization which has higher probability of turning him into a potential customer.
  4. Must keep it user friendly- Nothing puts off a web user than an unfriendly, complicated or a slow website. Nobody wants to waste a lot of time in shuffling from one page to another without gaining anything. It is extremely important to plan out the website well.
  5. Mobile friendly- Making a website mobile friendly makes it easily accessible from anywhere. The web designer must work on it.best-web-designer-600x450

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