Web Designing Basic Elements And Details About Baltimore WordPress Meet

The web designing is nothing but creating web and internet page with different programming languages. The planning and creation of the websites is referred as web designing. This allows you to design tools such as information architecture, site structure user interface,layout,fonts,navigation, colour, imagery.These are designed according to the need of the owner the objective of the designer is to achieve the goals that are set by the owner to fulfill his website needs. In especially e-commerce field web design plays a crucial role. To formulate and control different elements of the web page the web designer has to have an immense knowledge on basic programming languages like flash, PHP, JavaScript, css, html.

Basic elements of the web designing:


In layout the graphics and the text are arranged the layout should be simple such that the user understands it easily it includes consistency, maintaining the balance, integrity of the design


The colour depends on the selection of the owner of the website, they need to specify the colour they need for their website it could be black and white or multi coloured


It includes the photos, clipart,icons,logos they should be enhanced In ordered to enhance the web page they need to be organised approximately in order to make the web page load quickly if there are many then it takes more time to load the page



The fonts that are read by the web browsers are commonly known as web safe fonts


To enhance the message of the site through visual and text content and design work together the text that is written must be related and useful such that the user doesn’t get confused.

All these basic elements make the website look colourful, the web page should also be user friendly the user friendly web design must follow the basic elements such as


It consists of site architecture, the main goal is to make the user with ease and making the user to find the information required easily considering the factors of how users browse and search

A well web designer needs to work on entire site or individual pages a professionalised web designer needs to learn programs like html, css (cascading style sheets), java, cgi(computer generated imagery) programming, php (personal home page), asp, xml, information architecture, server management, design, speed, seo, server management,  eCommerce and management, content web strategy and marketing and so on many won’t learn all the specified languages they just learn any three of them and excel in them and become a web designer. Now a days many software companies are looking for highly qualified web designers and they not even hesitate to pay high salaries for the designers.


Java script:

Java is an open is the basic language that is first interactive element of the website and the designers should have a great command in java.


The programming language Html refers to hypertextmark-up language.Html is the basement of the websites. In html we learn about how websites are built and it gives command over how the web works and gives web designing the control.


WordPress is open source and it based on MySQL,personal home page (php) and content management system (cms). Word press is installed on a web server which is the part of internet hosting services and network hosting. It is mainly used to develop the online marketing web page. Presently about 22% of all websites are based on the word press web design.


The Baltimore wordPress meetup:

This baltimore wordpress meeting was held in Baltimore, a major in Maryland under the sponsor ship of groove commerce in June 17th 2015 to talk about the development of custom theme. The meeting was held for the people who were interested in designing custom WordPress themes and also for who have already created the WordPress themes and wanted to make better of them can attend. This meeting improves the more knowledge on the WordPress if anyone already know

Some programming languages like HTML and CSS this will get you correct direction with learns WordPress. This will improve your skills as you learn more about WordPress and also you might easily travel to the other areas of the WordPress to design our website or websites.

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