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With the popularity of Internet, website popularity has also increased. People prefer to go online more now days. Every start up or every business, that are initiating now, starts with creating a website for their company. Website representation of a company, designing and presentation has become a status symbol of standards of a company. If your company’s website is good, then you tend to attract more client than any other company. In short, websites have become the first impression of your company.doodle_dude Looking at the importance of the website, people generally hire technical persons for its designing and functioning. Although this is an easier approach, but not an economical approach. Lots of time, money and efforts are required to build the website from scratch.

So to develop website quickly and in less budgets, there are various website builders available for you on the Internet. Website Builders are the tools provided by the software companies to build your own website. Basically there are two types of website Builder for you:img-website-builder_en

  • Online Website Builders: Web based builders provided by the web hoisting companies. To get these services, you need to sign up with them. After sign up, they provide the templates (you may need to pay for those templates), which is basically the layout. These website are made for the standard web servers like Microsoft firefox or Google chrome. They are easy to implement and are very user friendly. There is no need of technical knowledge to deal with the layout and you can develop your website on your own. One of the special advantage of using these types of website builders is that many a times, the web hoisting companies, with whom, you have you have signed up, provides web hoisting facilities too. Other advantages are: No extra software requirement, you can access it from anyplace provided you have the internet connection etc.
  • Offline Website Builders: If you want a little flexibility, or your own design layout, then you should go for Offline Website Builders services. You need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS to deal with this type. This type can be more costly than the Online one, but then it can be completely free (as there are many open software’s for offline Website Builders).  While dealing with these types of Builders, Internet connection is not mandatory.

Best Website builders available for you:

  • WIX: Online Builder which provides you the features of drag and drop. You can create your website by simply dragging or dropping the items you want.
  • Weebly: This is another Online Builder, which is famous for its prices. This builder is very economical as well as very interactive.
  • Word Press: Most common website Builder, it is PHP based content management online builder which is open source. This builder is free to use.
  • Go daddy: It is a domain registrar and web hoisting company that provides web development services to organisations as well as to the individuals.

Apart from these, other, shopify, Drupal, etc are the other builders you can check with.

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