Why Choose Patrick Scanlan’s Services?

Patrick Scanlan is an independent consultant that can prove to be very beneficial to your organization. There are a number of things that Patrick is experienced in and his skills are well known all over Chicago. He provides some of the best business solutions to organizations which include cyber security, economy, technology and e-commerce. One of the main reasons Patrick Scanlan can prove to be an asset to any organization that hires him is because he manages to get the job done on time within the time frame a client specifies.

Unlike a full time in house employee who will take home a monthly salary irrespective of the work done, Patrick Scanlan gets paid only when he does something beneficial for your organization.

No Training Required

When you hire Patrick Scanlan to complete a specific task for your business, you do not need to invest any time or money in training him on how to get the job done perfectly. All he needs are your instructions and he will get started from day one. This helps on saving a lot of your time as well as money. It is a hassle free service that comes at a lower cost.


Special Talent, Lower Costs

While Patrick Scanlan is a highly skilled personality, you will save on a lot of money that you would have to invest in a full time employee. Most of the employees don’t even posses the skills that Patrick has and getting them to the level that he is at will take a long time. This means investing more money and more time. With Patrick, all you need to do is hire him and he will get the job done. You no longer need to worry about hiring special employees who will demand high salaries, you just need one person who has the right skills and you can hire when you need.

Save On Space

Patrick Scanlan does not work from your office. He works from his own space and this means he requires none of your infrastructure in order for him to get started. This means you save on a lot of space that a full time employee will take up as well as the infrastructure cost. This is a great deal for small businesses that are just starting out. Not only are his solutions cost effective, but they are streamlined, better and more beneficial to any business owner.

Get The Best Solutions

Technology is one of those industries that come up with new trends each day. An in house employee might not manage to match the demands of the latest trends and they might end up spending more time learning the new trends rather than working for you. Patrick Scanlan on the other hand keeps updating himself with the latest trends in the market and how to effectively put them to use. This helps you to get the latest technology solutions in the least amount of time.


Hiring a top consultant such as Patrick Scanlan will give your business access to the best IT knowledge in Chicago. Single handedly Patrick is capable of doing work equivalent to a team of IT consultants. This not only saves cost of recruitment but also gives specialized knowledge that no other business would have. Having access to such amazing knowledge can only mean one thing – the best IT system in Chicago and possible the United States. Patrick Scanlan has proven his success in the past and his achievements are stunning, to say the least. He brings with him years of experience and excellent knowledge that cannot be matched by any IT team in Chicago. He also specializes in cyber security norms such as authentication, IDM, assessments, encryption, strategy and vulnerabilities.

Patrick Scanlan focuses on getting the business growing as soon as possible and making the startup or the transition process as seamless as possible. He is also known to provide expertise in terms of providing purchase suggestions that can save money in the long run. This sort of information can be useful to any company that is trying to establish its credentials in the market. This helps businesses stay ahead of the game and achieve long term success without too many hiccups. Such an outcome from hiring just a single person is not only cost saving but smart as well. Imagine having to speak to an entire team of IT consultants in case something goes wrong. This is where blame games begin. With Patrick Scanlan you will not face such a situation. He takes responsibility for his work and guarantees the success of the IT system of the business. With his experience he also provides inputs outside of his field and helps businesses flourish in no time. Hiring an IT consultant like Patrick Scanlan only means one thing – Success.

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